Marketing strategy of micromax mobile

Also Micromax has made sure that all their mobile phones are value for money and serve the purpose and the need of the customer. This strategy is specifically designed to engage the opposition with a head on frontal assault.

Top 5 smart phones with best camera

Because people are generally used to carrying two mobiles — one for professional work and other for personal use. Income- We can segment the market according to income by bringing out cell phones of different price range as there are different people in our country with different income level.

People trend to buy costly items to show their status belonging. Employees and consumers have instant access to the internet and e-mails through smart phones and tablets such as the iPad. To solve these concerns, we refreshed our product lineup and introduced the Bolt range, which has phones with local language support, free data plan for Whatsapp for the first five months, local language support and helpline and others.

Method of Data Collection Sources of Data: Increase penetration in urban market- Since Micromax has not yet entered this market; it has a very huge opportunity to establish itself in this market.

They started their business in and earlier they were just marketing Chinese mobile phones. Target Youth As smart phones are future of telecommunication industry, Micromax has started focusing on it strongly.

Last year Micromax became the top seller in India leaving Samsung and Nokia behind. Nokia does exactly the same and comes up with innovative phones almost every six months. Government best facilitates the efficient functioning of the economy by directing its resources to the reduction of market failures.

Background on the company: Micromax would come up with an idea and give it to the factory best placed to deliver it. Tell me your thoughts first. Where as a teenage would be looking for a hi-tech multimedia set with all facilities for entertainment like camera, music player, internet facilities, games etc.

Low cost of production — With its plants located in China, Micromax bears a low cost in production due to availability of labour at cheaper rates.

Micromax attempts Rs 300 crore revamp amid market share loss

Every product of Micromax had the potential to grab the attention of media as ell as the consumers in a market which is already flooded with mobile phone handsets and a launch is there in every day or two. Early marketing techniques followed production and were responsible only for moving Product Strategy On the product side, Micromax has a wide range of phones with different features and thus offering variety to the customers.

It now has a 22 percent market share which is much closer to Samsung.

Micromax - Creating History

It was model-based sourcing:. Category: Marketing» Retail Management created 4 year(s) ago - updated 4 year(s) ago by Jagruti Shah 0 comments, views Project Report on Retailer&#;s Preception towards Micromax Mobile.

Micromax: A Lesson In Pitfalls Of The Indian Smartphone Industry

Rahul Sharma is the driving force behind Micromax, the 10th largest mobile phone company in the world. Under Rahul's leadership, Micromax's innovative product and marketing strategy has revolutionized the smartphone market.

The Apple iPhone 5, 5C, and 5S replaced the iPhone 4 and 4S as the most used phones globally for surfing the Web in the second quarter ofaccording to a recent report from Netbiscuits. However, though the iPhone 5, 5S, and 5C were the most popular smartphones for Web surfing in most of the. Micromax is one of the leading smartphone and mobile phone manufacturers in India and the growth of Micromax has been phenomenal.

The SWOT analysis of Micromax proves that the brand is here to stay and that it will give tough competition to the likes of Samsung and even Apple due to its price competitiveness as well as sourcing genius.

Here is. For example the Internet is having a profound impact on the marketing mix strategy of organizations.

Consumers can now shop 24 hours a day from their homes, work, and on the move. Mobile Phones India,Buy Latest Mobile Online,New Mobile Phones,Nokia,Htc,Micromax,Sony,Samsung Mobile Phones India - Business. So let’s read about Micromax marketing strategies.

Micromax Marketing

You can read about Micromax and its history on Google. They started their business in and earlier they were just marketing Chinese mobile phones. Though they are still importing mobiles from Chinese, everything is Chinese from Hardware to Software, but since they are registered in India, its an Indian company.

Great logic.

Marketing strategy of micromax mobile
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