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Industrial development can cause major forms of air and water pollution. The final part of the question asks you to "explain" two economic impacts, which means a couple of sentences of further clarification for each example you give. And, of these four famous reformers, only Beecher was a New Englander.

Part C was also worth two points, one for identifying a way that increased consumption affects coffee-producing countries and one for explaining the effect in more detail.

The correct answer is D. Another important thing to note is that, unlike the rest of Europe, Britain did not have a system of internal tolls and tariffs, so goods could be moved freely to wherever the best market was. There were naysayers in Prussia called the Junkers, though, and a whole Germany was decided against in the Berlin Assembly.

It is a measure of inequality by means of a ratio analysis, rather than Industrialization frq variable unrepresentative of most of the population such as per capita income or gross domestic product. For example, the destruction and deforestation of the rain forests is a major threat to both the animals living in that habitat and the plant species that may go extinct from the constant cutting, slashing and burning occurring.

In its body paragraphs, the essay also does a very good job of identifying and using specific evidence to support its argument.

This question requires almost all the skills listed in the first section of this guide. There were also some social and cultural causes too. The romantic artists, composers, and writers of the early 19th century were important influences in the creation of national identities - particularly among those peoples who were a "nation" without a state the Irish, Greeks, Italians, Germans, Poles and countless other Eastern European groups.

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Answers ABand C are completely false. This will deepen your understanding of how nationalism and romanticism powerfully combined in a case study of Greece. These examples also address the targeted skill by showing the cause and effect of these events on merchants and reformers in relation to the reform movements.

For part B, the key command is "discuss," which denotes a longer answer that elaborates on each reason for refugees leaving their countries of origin. The essay uses specific evidence to support the argument, which earns the 2 possible points.

Essay on space science and research article on save earth from the hazardous effect of pollution essay. The fair trade movement is an alternative vision of the international trade approach which attempts to address issues of low prices paid to producers in LDCs and eliminate low wages and poor working conditions for workers in LDCs.

Most importantly, when combined, nationalism and romanticism were extremely powerful tools to motivate political movements. While some reformers such as the Tappan brothers and Robert Owen, the founder of a utopian community at New Lanark, Indiana, were successful merchants and industrialists, a much larger number of prominent reformers, including most of the leaders of the temperance and abolitionist movements, were motivated primarily by their religious beliefs.

John Kay produced a loom where two people could weave at the same time instead of one. In the sample question above, the introductory statement makes it clear that the question will deal with refugees and the political and social origins of mass emigration.

That gets you one point. It does a nice job of demonstrating that at least two reform movements were not just aimed at the effects of the Industrial Revolution, but also at the impact on small business, workers, and consumers, as well as corruption in government.

It is true that New England was home to a substantial number of reformers, especially several important leaders of the abolitionist movement, such as William Lloyd Garrison and Wendell Phillips. These organizations quickly spread throughout the country, opening hundreds of local chapters.

AP Human Geography free-response questions are typically pretty straightforward so you can attack them in a methodical fashion. The consolidation and reform of traditional business structures resulted in a tremendous drive for profit and gargantuan corporations which were more responsible for American industrialization than the new technologies that emerged during the gilded age.

The expansion created a valuable foundation for the fledgling industrial society. Firstly, at the time period, agriculture in Britain was more commercialized than in any other place.

You might say that more coffee shops will start to spring up in urban areas. Using that analysis, complete the FRQ outline on pg. Ozone depletion is linked to chlorofluorocarbons, which eliminates all answers except A and D. There is typically one point available for completing each key command. Climate change can turn fertile fields into desert land as well as flood coastal areas, which not only affects the humans living there, but the environment.

C Industrial development can result in the maltreatment and destruction of the environment. Norway also invests their money in industries and businesses within the country which brings in more revenue and hence increases the gross domestic product per capita through the booming economy.

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For part B, you could earn two points for identifying each impact of coffee farming. Then you can move onto the next free-response question. AP Human Geography Course Overview The AP Human Geography Exam requires students to explain and apply key and supporting geographical concepts.

The exam employs multiple-choice questions and free-response questions based on components of. While a number of the most important reform movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries grew out of efforts to combat the negative effects of industrialization, the main focus of their efforts was not the impact of the Industrial Revolution on the natural environment.

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AP’s high school United States History course is a rigorous, college-level class that provides an opportunity to gain skills colleges recognize. Analyze how industrialization and imperialism contributed to the development of consumer culture in the period – File Size.

The AP Exam Score Distributions displayed by exam as tweeted by Trevor Packer, the head of Advanced Placement Program. HUMAN GEOGRAPHY FREE-RESPONSE QUESTIONS 2. At the same time that English is solidifying its as the uorld's premier lingua franca, lesser-used minority languages (such as Welsh, Basque, and Inuktitut) are undergoing revival.

Discuss three distinct factors promoting the revival of minority languages in the face of globalimtion. 3.

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